Crypto Investing

This is a very hot topic as many scams exist in order to take advantage of any possible weakness. I have listed a few companies I have taken the plunge with. My theory is no risk no reward so be sure about what you decide.



Bitconnect is the daddy as far as lending platforms. I was very dubious when I first joined believing this to be a scam. I am happy to say I was wrong, I have gained greatly being on this platform in the 9 months I have had this account. I am really enjoying earning passive income, so if you have an interest in earning passively check it out.

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Octoin is new comer in the space as a lending platform. Amazingly they are still in the initial coin offering stage. This should not put you off, what Octoin offer on their platform really cannot be matched by anyone currently. I would call them as Bitconnect on steroids. Octoin have a lending program they really cant be beat by platform I know so far. Octoin also offer mining and peer to peer coin exchange. This platform is another passive income I am loving. Check it out.

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Regal Coin

Regalcoin lending program is quite amazing. It means you buy regalcoin and put them on lending. You will get a return of about 1.75% of your investment per day for 99 days. This means your initial investment doubles in almost 99 days. Plus you will get back your capital investment after 99 days. For example, you buy 10 REC at a price of 10$ USD, the total capital is 100$ USD. Now you put 100$ on lending; you will get a return of up to 1.75$ a day for 99 days. It means after 99 days, you will get an amount of 273$ from lending. The 100$ initial capital investment will also be released after 99 days. The total will be 374$ after 99 days. Sounds quite amazing, doesn’t it?

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Gold Reward

Our crypto-analytic trade automation engine (CATA-E) facilitates high yield exchange tokens with major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum on exchange platforms. Applying this to GRX, you can get up to 35% return within 30 days by lending GRX to CATA-E

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