Blind Mans Bluff

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There seems to be a lot of blind man’s bluff in the air of crypto at the moment. Many many new comers in the space with the price reaching record highs has attracted lots of new money.

A lot of people have jumped on board with the added pressure of fomo, convincing themselves it is the final hour of the low priced bitcoin. With this massive looking fresh juicy money pot the hunters have been gauging themselves.

I will site Control Finance as my example, but they really represent the tip of the iceberg. Control Finance were able to pull off a $150,000,000 scam in very short space of time. The people who have experience in this space will accept their loss but for the noobs this is sometimes the end of the road for their crytpo journey and the space gets a bad reputation.

Be very careful who you follow and get your information from. This space is unregulated so what you do is based on your own personal discretion.

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