Eight ways to get crypto

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8 Ways to Get Crypto

Anyone can join this revolution!



We have seen cryptocurrencies explode to the point where they have become a force to contend with. Blockchain technology is causing major changes in the way we consider trust relationships to the point it is known as a disruptive technology. This is as exciting as the early days of the internet. Come and join the revolution.

1 – Payment : If you have a business already online or offline, you can accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. It is very simple to earn cryptocurrencies by offering goods and services.

To be able to receive crypto payments you only need a wallet and you are good to go 🙂

Coin Payments multi currency wallet


Ledger Wallet

2 – Website Tasks : By visiting and completing tasks set by cryptocurrencies websites, like surveys you can receive your payout in cryptocurrency.

Crypto Spout (free registration bonus)

3 – Dividend Payments : Earn cryptocurrency interest payments by lending your crypto.



4 – Mining : Mining, simply put is offering computational power to a blockchain network and receiving crypto currency for doing so. You can own your own hardware or rent it (cloud Mining).




5 – Tips : This is the same as using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, as you just need an address to receive payment.

Coin Payments multi currency wallet


Ledger Wallet

6 – Trading : In the tradition of trading Foreign exchange market or Stocks and Shares, you can trade different cryptocurrency markets.




7 – Regular Income : As cryptocurrencies have had more adoption, some organisations are happy to pay their employees in cryptocurrency. At the moment its a new thing, but it will become very normal in the future.


8 – Gambling : There are numerous crytpo gambling websites, offering dice games to casinos. Be responsible.



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