Purse.io an Amazon Revolution

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Amazon the money machine

Amazon Money
Amazon the money machine!

The money machine better known as Amazon is currently at the time of writing is worth in excess of $450bn and according to Business Insider the company is in a race with  other technology companies to hit the trillion dollar value.


Amazons business model allows them to take a handsome 25% stake of all profits. This seems like a lot of cake when you start to add up the numbers. Amazon has a huge share of internet traffic let alone internet money that flows steadily from credit cards.


As a crypto enthusiast I have always been interested in what becomes money Cigarettes , Shells, Tally sticks etc. Amazon to me has its own money system in the form of gift cards. It is not an obvious analogy when considered for gifting purposes. When you view the gift card as store of value and Amazon the central institution that sets the rules of engagement. The gift card money analogy has more weight.

Amazon has a very strict policy with their gift cards making them difficult to trade like other companies who have their gift cards traded in black market swap shops. This is not possible with an Amazon gift card. This creates a void that can be very lucrative if filled. There are just billions tied up in Amazon gift cards.
Bitcoin price to the moon

The price is running away!

This year in the life of Bitcoin 2017 has been a year of continuous price records. When I saw Bitcoin cross the $1000 dollar threshold lots of holders were rejoicing the fact that Bitcoin was then rivalling gold . This $1000 point was just the beginning of the ride.

Bitcoin currently is about $6000 this year has been a truly mooning moment . It has really created a massive gap between Bitcoin holders who are all richer this year and the new comers who just want to join the Bitcoin party.

New thoughts have to be considered in the acquisition of Bitcoin as the value is so high. It is now

difficult to advocate as I was that everyone should have 1 Bitcoin.

As we are all familiar with Amazon, maybe you have known but never shopped on their platform but your very aware of their presence or maybe your a vendor with loads of Amazon experience or maybe somehow you dont know Amazon at all here is an opportunity to make some Bitcoin and get regular discounts for your friends and family purchasing off of Amazon.

Purse IO combines Amazon goods at discount prices and Bitcoin to set up a win win for Amazon and the Bitcoin opportunist.

Purse.io an Amazon revolution


Purse.io is an Amazon goods market place where Bitcoin is the currency.

Purse.io platform has Amazon products listed for instant sale and if you cant find what you need, you can make a request for the goods you want. There are two ways to save when purchasing and as an Earner on their platform you can make bitcoin.

Three ways to use Purse.io

1. Buy Now

In a hurry? Shop items from our curated Purse Merchants or save 5% on Amazon items with fast shipping.

2. Name your discounts
Flexible? Set a discount for our Amazon Wish List. Save up to 33% (or 15% off your first order) with Bitcoin.

3.Earn or Sell
Not shopping? Earn Bitcoin by fulfilling Shoppers’ Amazon orders or sell your goods on Purse for Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin opportunity

Bitcoin Opportunity

The potential to keep earning Bitcoin is consistent, the skill set required here for this to be an instant opportunity is to have a good understanding of Bitcoin and have the ability to acquire Amazon gift cards you are good to go. You can transfer your skills and fiat money to earn Bitcoin.

For anyone new I would recommend this as a challenge to get a good understanding of Crytpocurrencies with the added bonus of earning. This I would say is one of the less risky moves in the crypto space as it is very easy out here to loose your shirt.

Even if the thought of buying Amazon gift cards and shopping for goods sound like too much effort you can just consider the idea of being able to order from Amazon with regular a discount by using Purse.io and Bitcoin.
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